Towbar Prices

Brink and Witter Tow Bar prices and costing. Distribution and mobile fitting available.

Manufacturer models prices from (exc VAT + P&P)
Audi Towbars £104 (B)
BMW Towbars £141 (F)
Daewoo Towbars £110 (C)
Chrysler Towbars £141 (F)
Citroen Towbars £104 (B)
Daihatsu Towbars £110 (C)
Fiat Towbars £104 (B)
Ford Towbars £96 (A)
Honda Towbars £110 (C)
Hyundai Towbars £110 (C)
Isuzu Towbars £141 (F)
Iveco Towbars £141 (F)
Jaguar Towbars £154 (G)
Jeep Towbars £141 (F)
Kia Towbars £104 (B)
Landrover Towbars £96 (A)
LDV Towbars £104 (B)
Lexus Towbars £104 (N)
Mazda Towbars £104 (B)
Mercedes Towbars £96 (A)
Mitsubishi Towbars £110 (C)
Nissan Towbars £104 (B)
Peugeot Towbars £96 (A)
Porsche Towbars £187 (E)
Renault Towbars £96 (A)
Rover Towbars £96 (A)
Saab Towbars £96 (A)
Seat Towbars £96 (A)
Skoda Towbars £96 (A)
Smart Towbars £262 (M)
Subaru Towbars £110 (C)
Suzuki Towbars £104 (B)
Toyota Towbars £104 (B)
Vauxhall Towbars £96 (A)
Volkswagon Towbars £96 (A)
Volvo Towbars £104 (B)

Postage and packaging is £15 per item.

Due to high demand and updated offers we are unable to publish all our prices for towbars online. Please call 0151 643 8889 for the latest prices. our open times are:
> Mon - Fri | 8:30am - 6pm > Sat | 9am - 12:30pm

Types of Tow Bars

detachable tow bars smart button technology swan neck tow bars flange ball tow bars

Detachable towbar range | Smart button towbar range
Swan neck towbar range | Flange ball towbar range

Please note this is not our entire range that we offer.