Mercedes TowBars
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Mercedes towbar detachablemercedes towbarmercedes towbar
Our Mercedes towbar range consists of 2 bolt flange ball towbars widely used by most manufactures as original equipment, and also Detachable and detachable smart button towbars.

We also stock the swan neck Mercedes towbar most popular for it's style and looks. Whichever model of Mercedes you own, we have multiple and practical solutions to your needs as well as electrical kits all EU Approved.

We cater for various Mercedes models such as the Mercedes 190 towbar range, Mercedes 200 to 600 towbar range, the Mercedes A class towbar range, Mercedes B class towbar range, and the Mercedes C class range. We also stock various styles of towbars for the Mercedes cl range, the Mercedes clk towbar range, the Mercedes Sprinter towbar range, and all the Mercedes V towbar range including the Vaneo, Viano and Vito models.

There are more Mercedes models we cater for below or call 0151 643 8889 for the latest up to date towbars.

For towing out of dreades, don't forget extra wide boots or wellies for the job.