Smart Turn Detachable Towbars

Ergonomics with ease of operation are the key aspects of a quality Detachable towbar system. The SmartTurn is especially developed for the BrinkMatic Mirage. The SmartTurn fits comfortably in your hand with ease of operation guaranteed. A small clockwise effortless turn is sufficient to unlock the ball. The SmartTurn is very simple to use.

The patented innovation of SmartTurn means that your BrinkMatic Mirage can be uncoupled effortlessly. As additional benefit, the turn mechanism is self cleaning, due to its unique clever lever mechanism. This assures you of a smooth reliable operation under all conditions. With safety in mind the smart turn encorporates a strong integrated locking mechanism giving you peace of mind when owning a Brink Detachable Towbar System.

smart turn tow bar smart turn angle 2 tow bar smart turn angle 3 tow barsmart turn angle 4 tow bar

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