Ford TowBars
Suppliers / specialist fitters for all models!

Our Ford range consists of detachable towbars (inc smart button), flange ball (bolt) towbars, and swan neck towbars for a variety of Ford models most popular for it's style and looks. Whichever model of Ford you own, we have multiple and practical Ford towbar solutions to your needs as well as EU Approved electrical kits. We have over 2000 tow bars listed on our database giving you the widest choice, at the lowest trade prices. Everything you need is supplied to ensure you can carry out an easy, no hassle and successful home fit.

We cater for various Ford models such as the Ford CMax towbar range, the Ford escort towbar range, and the Ford Explorer towbar people carrier range. We also stock various styles of towbars for the Ford Fiesta towbar range - hatchback and van models and the Ford Focus towbar range. We also have towbars for the Ford Fusion range and Ford Galaxy towbars as well as towbars for the Ford Maverick, Ford S-max Towbars and the Ford Mondeo towbars. For the Ford Van range we supply and fit Ford Ranger Towbars and the Ford Transit towbars.

Our complete range of Ford towbars are not all listed online so for our full range of towbars Call 0151 643 8889.

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