Towbars & the Law

European Law now states that all light passenger vehicles registered on or after 1st August 1998 require a type approved towbar tested to EC94/20 and towball with suitable D&S value. This is not retrospective and does not affect any vehicle registered before this date. Other vehicles not subject to type approval are ~ commercial vehicles, car derived vans and motor caravans.

Quality & Reassurance

All towbars are designed (with the aid of the latest CAD system) to fit precisely to mounting points and are renowned for their ease of fit and unobtrusive appearance. Once the design is approved and tested to rigorous European standard EC94/20, it is then manufactured by an experienced production team using only certified British steel and finished in a high quality primer. Quality management systems cover all areas from design to distribution to ensure customer satisfaction.

Some care should be taken when selecting a towbar to ensure the D&S values are great enough for the model of vehicle required, again we are happy to advise on all of our range.

European Tow Bar Standards

All towbars comply with ISO 1102 and BS AU 113 which specifies the dimensions and location of the towball to ensure a safe and level towing height of between 350mm and 420mm (ground to centre of towball) EC94/20 the European Regulation : Towbars are totally committed to conform to this standard and have a full testing program underway in conjunction with the VCA (vehicle certification agency).